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"ranney" is a top class comic - VERY funny with an easy, friendly style. Guaranteed to give any audience a great night as he did many times for us at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He makes it all look so easy, and for someone as talented as "ranney" it is.

Brian Damage. Comedian and Artistic Director of Pear Shaped Comedy - London, England

Beginning with the best Aretha Franklin impersonation I have ever seen, "ranney"s one man show (And the Horse You Rode In On) lurches between the light comedy of hunting ’possum and the dark art of makin’ lurve. A myriad of characters, impersonations, observations and revelations, I laughed so much my jaw was sore.

Willie White. Artistic Director & Chief Executive - Dublin Theatre Festival - Dublin, Ireland

"ranney" rocks! I have been a drama teacher, director, actress, producer, theater manager and artistic director and have been in the professional theater for over seventeen years. "ranney" is by far one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever worked with. He’s smart, funny, professional, articulate, versatile, and kind. He can sing, dance, play the piano, compose, choreograph, direct, write, and make you laugh out loud. When I directed him in Whirligig: The Rock Musical he absolutely stole the show. I cast him again in Zora Neale Hurston (he played all the male characters) and he lit up the stage when he recited a poem by Langston Hughes. He held the audience in the palm of his hand. And THAT was with someone else’s material.

With his own words, he tackles subjects that are far-reaching, yet close to home. He crosses many worlds and is comfortable in all. He has worked with me as an assistant director on a couple of projects and I rely on his unique, keen perspective to show me things that I have overlooked.

"ranney" is a special human being, and you would be wise to snatch up any opportunity to begin a lifelong association with him. He will not let you down; "ranney" will be an asset to any project that you include him on.

Wendy Leigh. Chief Development & Marketing Officer - University Area CDC - Tampa, FL

"ranney" was brilliant at our show The Battle of the Axe. So good that he won the Lucky Duck Award voted for by our very hard to please audience. He sucked them in and blew them out in bubbles! Ireland listened and approved!

Tony Ferns. Director of - Dublin, Ireland

"ranney" is simply all that and a vat of chips. Seriously, I have shared the stage with "ranney". "ranney" has directed me. "ranney" has acted in several shows that my theatre company, the Jobsite Theater, has produced. Anything that "ranney" touches is somehow better from it. A truly unique, charismatic, gifted, spirited and loquacious sage - "ranney" is about as close to an underground cultural icon as you can get without showing up on the cover of a magazine. He believes in and loves what he does, and damn does it show. He is an energy unto himself, and he has a gift that eludes most of us in this business. All this in about the most unassuming of packages.

David M. Jenkins. Artistic Director of the Jobsite Theater - Tampa, FL

"ranney" premiered most of his original work here at the Shimberg Playhouse, and I have had the privilege of hiring "ranney" as an actor for our produced events as well. He is a consummate professional who never fails to impress. His integrity and work ethic are not easily equaled. I consider myself to be lucky to have counted "ranney" among my core group of talented theatre professionals over the last several years. Although it seems clear that "ranney" is destined for bigger things, I would not hesitate to host his original work or hire him as a contract performer again. I can’t recommend "ranney" enough either personally or professionally.

Karla Hartley. Artistic Director - Stageworks - Tampa, FL

At the fringe, "ranney" took the stage by storm (at the world famous Blue Note Jazz Club in Edinburgh) with a free-flowing, freestyle rap onslaught that left every member of the band and the audience gawping. With MC styles ranging from Chuck D to Gil Scott-Heron, "ranney" ripped it up.

Eric Roberts. Program Director for Cabaret Voltaire - Edinburgh, Scotland

The first time I saw "ranney" perform was a workshop of his one man show "ranney" in Surround Zound at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in 98. I didn’t know him then. He seemed very sure of himself and I was prepared to not like his piece. But, to my surprise, he made me laugh, feel jealous, afraid and delighted all in the matter of 15 minutes. I have been a fan ever since.

Marion Sassen. Assistant to General Director - Eugene Opera - Oregon

"ranney" is a madman! I’m still trying to figure out if there is anything the guy can’t do. I worked with him on many shows, most notably on my musical Maxwell that "ranney" directed. During the production, "ranney" had a gift for not only knowing what I wanted, but even going beyond my expectations of what a director should be - an interpreter...It’s about doing. That being said, "ranney" has done more in all aspects of theater than most people I know.

Joe Popp. Professional Musican/Composer - New York City

In August Wilson's The Piano Lesson at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, actor "ranney" played the part of Boy Willie with fervor and verve..."ranney" won his way through this labyrinth with a show of sheer force, with a thundering rapidity that never failed to command our attention and admiration. Exuberant and stubborn, energetic and optimistic, "ranney"s Boy Willie stood for the power of hope that a legacy of slavery could be finally overcome with the purchase of the property on which his grandparents were once slaves. Watching "ranney," you couldn't help but feel this enthusiasm yourself.  And you couldn't help noticing: this was a terrific performance.

Marl Leib. Critic - Creative Loafing - Tampa

For folks who want New-York quality theater without travelling to the Big Apple, don't miss the Center Theatre Company's seamless production of The Piano Lesson. As the tumultuous Boy Willie, "ranney" gives a tour-de-force performance. His rage and determination suck in all the people around him...tornado of a man...magnificant performance.

Joanne Milani. Critic - Tampa Tribune - Tampa

The standout here (in Bomb-itty of Errors) is a fellow named "ranney" with a remarkable range of superbly defined characters.

Chris Jones. Critic - The Chicago Tribune - Chicago

...exhilirating sparky performances (in Bomb-itty of Errors) include "ranney" managing to play both Adriana and her husband Antipholus of Ephesus in a surprisingly convincing clinch.

Rachel Halliburton. Critic - Evening Standard - London

(In David Mamet's Race), "ranney" and Potenza get Mamet's rhythm. They have the most lines, yet they both beautifully manage this complex world web. Potenza crackles with kinetic energy, while "ranney" plays a cool and seasoned Henry. This guy had seen it all and guessed people's motivations, sometimes before they knew it themeselves.

Kathy Greenberg. Critic - Tampa Tribune - Tampa

As Sterling (in Radio Golf), Wilks' childhood friend who has seen prison time and is on the other side of the argument and social class, the actor "ranney" is a revelation. He's powerful in Act I, but Act II belongs to him. This is a performance that left me shaken, thrilled, talking of little else afterwards...kept me on the edge of my seat, literally. I sat there, inching forward, closer toward the stage, so moved by Wilson's words and "ranney"s performance.

Peter Nason. Critic - Broadway World - St. Petersburg

"ranney" is the chameleon of these productions; he changes his hairstyle and facial hair to completely inhabit the many characters he has played. A few years ago he played the mentally challenged Hambone in Two Trains Running and here plays Doub, one of the jitney drivers. ranney has won two consecutive Outstanding Feature Actor Awards from Theatre Tampa Bay, an honor he richly deserves.

William S. Oser. Critic - Talkin' Broadway
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