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Each month, as determined by the span of days for each sign of the zodiac, this site will display recommended films, written works, and albums:
Leo choices - 2021
Cho Revolution - Margaret Cho

In a show where she mercilessly re-visits a side-splitting Bangkok sex-show bit, the Counter-Culture Comedy Queen drops the crown and just gets real. Is it possible that she lost the overshadowing pretense when she lost the weight? Always talented and insightful, here Cho is evolutionary.

The Comedian - Jerry Seinfield

Some of the best insight into the life of stand-up comedians and what it takes to keep getting back on that laughing horse. The film focuses on Jerry’s effort to build a set from ground up, and also spends time on an emerging, egotistical youngin’, Orny Adams. There are appearances from all-time greats, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Robert Klein, as well as moments with road legends Colin Quinn, Jay Leno, Gary Shandling, George Wallace and so on.

Complaints and Grievances - George Carlin

In his twelfth HBO comedy special, the Dean of Laughter verbally assassinates the people and the things that get under his skin. My favorite: "My Daddy." Cracks me up everytime. Wicked! Air Marshall Carlin. Miss him...damn, I miss him.

Live on Broadway - Robin Williams

This one performance could be divided into 4 different specials for any other comedian. The King of Stream takes us on a crazy ride through the absurdities he knows we see but we dare not speak. At times, Williams brings the house down with material out of which others couldn’t possibly get a chuckle. A remarkable comedic talent. Sorely missed.

Live On The Sunset Strip - Richard Pryor

The King of Comedy bares naked his private life, unveils the behind-the-scenes madness of Hollywood living, and testifies about his love affair with the Motherland - all while giving an jedi-level clinic on personification. R.I.P. Richard Inconcievable Pryor.

Not For The Easily Offended - Carlos Mencia

What an incredible hodge-podge of cultural dissection by the Taboo Task- master. This a consistently funny concert that reveals a spark of incredible brilliance by Mencia in the show’s closing. He comes out swinging to eventually point out that we swung first. After all of the swinging, Mencia lands a devistating blow when he makes it clear that he was just getting our attention for a really endearing and elevating hug. Not for the lazy thinker. Carlos - get back to this!

Sane Man - Bill Hicks

What any underground, alternative, cutting edge - hell, what any comedian or anyone reaching for laughs aspires to achieve. Not the best video or audio technologically speaking, but one of the best sets you are likely to see from a stand-up comedian. I mean, imagine if you had footage of Jesus going to the temple, and it was a little grainy and moments were hard to listen to. SO?

Written Works
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain

The best. Everyone’s life can be an adventure. We can all learn to do like Tom, who, instead of accepting misfortune as the gravity of life, kept living on his own terms. If you think contemporary teenagers are a bunch of riff-raff, read this one. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Atraud Anthology - Antonin Artaud

The Don-Quixote of humanitarian thought throws the subconscious around like a tennis ball. Mind-freezing essays on theater, suicide, magic, astronomy, and world conflict within and without.

The Misanthrope - Moliere (translated by Richard Wilbur)
This particular translation of Moliere’s comedy about a jilted lover, who is constantly criticizing society’s customs and inadequate tastes,  is poetic playwriting at the absolute supreme level. CRUCIAL.
The Newcomer's Guide To The Afterlife - Daniel Quinn and Tom Whaler
It takes a sick mind to delve into an illogical manual about proper post mordem procedures and happenings, then love, laugh, and learn from it. I have that sick mind. Do you? Join us.
When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? - George Carlin

Read the title. If the title makes you flinch or even pause, do NOT read the book.If the title and artwork of the cover both crack you up, have at it. What a splendid brain the Dean of Ha-Ha graced us with. Thanks for sharing George.

White Boy Shuffle - Paul Beatty

History, as we know it, is absurd. Beatty offers this alternative absurdity in a relentlessly jabbing novel about Gunnar, the "real" black man who started the Boston Massacre. Critical Race, not that tame. The hip-hop nation’s poet laurette will slay you with hip, sick verse.

The Antholgoy - Richard Pryor

The Best. Richard Pryor is an untouchable comedic artist from another world. BANANAS X INFINITY!

Business As Usual - Men At Work

Great party music for serious people with a great sense of humor. Not for the American Pie crowd. "And he said, ’Oh. I come from the land down under!’" You know you feel that. Don't even front.

Comedian - Eddie Murphy

We have forgotten that this is one of the most significant comedy albums ever. Before everyone had cable, before so many HBO Specials, before Premium Blend, before Def Jam and Comic View, before Amazon Prime, before Netflix...this album was playing EVERYWHERE (radio, television, cassettes, LPs, barbecues, backrooms, parties, etc.). Stand-up comedy’s first megastar puts together a flawless set on the album that ignited the comedy boom of the last four decades. Also known as Delirious.

Greatest Hits - Weird Al Yankovic
Four Words: I LOST ON JEOPARDY. Either you just snickered or you just don’t get it. Al makes you laugh before you know it and even when you’ve sworn to yourself that you will not laugh at his unparalleled silliness, you still die laughing. Just stupid and gleefully so. I love it.
Race - Paul Mooney

Hard to come by, but worth the pursuit, ( I have an autographed copy.), Malcolm X and Toni Morrison had a baby and let Little Richard babysit him. I’m certain that happened, because his name is PAUL MOONEY. The Jet-Li of comedy was sent here to remind us that life is not fair, so you better wake up and smell the coffee bean fertilizer. Now, this is what I think of when I hear "edgy comedian." Fearless. A huge void...R.I.P., Mr. Mooney.

Standup Comic - Woody Allen

Original. Authentic. Always makes me wonder what would have happened if Woody had stayed behind the mic instead of the camera. Many surrealists and comedians who use fragmented thought have followed, but few have been so distinctively earnest. Who knows? Maybe the other issues wouldn’t be there if he had stayed with mic therapy. Oh well, we have what we have and it is sublime.

The Time - The Time

Funky and without apologies. Fun, Fun, Fun! The Time is to Post-Parliament funk what the Animals are to post-Beatles rock. Just listen and find out why there are actually great memories of the 1980s in music. Funny, hip, sexy, intelligent, and infectiously silly lyrics ride on top of music meant for the true late night party people. Are you a house party vampire like me? Yeah? "Cool."


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