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Each month, as determined by the span of days for each sign of the zodiac, this site will display recommended films, written works, and albums:
Aquarius choices - 2022
Goldfinger - Directed by Guy Hamilton

Okay, dig: Even in 2017, I say - An Aston Martin DB5, an Asian henchman named Odd Job, and a vixen named Pussy Galore! What? WHAT? I’m done.

The Matrix - Directed by Larry Wachowski

Taste these cornflakes all over again. One of the best movies ever made. Period. Forget about the other two. Watch software newjack Neo tumble down this fantastical rabbit hole into an adventure that binds us by splitting the looking glass into oblivion. Strap up, sit back, shut up, and just learn something. OMG, BANANAS!

National Lampoon's Animal House - Directed by John Landis

I really think this is one of the funniest films in existence. Every year a stupid, low-brow, inbred, self-indulgent copy of this legendary comedy is attempted. They fail to realize Landis brilliantly uses gutter humor as raw material to tell this raucous story of college fraternity misfits, which is galaxies away from the garden variety, disgusting, brain-dead, frat-boy party flick. Incomparable!

Quadrophenia - Directed by Franc Roddam

Definitive cult cinema! Mod gang members battle the Rockers in the mid-1960s. Working class Mod wannabes and leather-tough Rockers. Caught in the middle is Jimmy (Phil Daniels as real they get in a film), a Mod with a life-long friend and classmate as a Rocker. Throw in the teen angst, hyper-testosterone, adolescent confusion, pre-adult ambition, intoxicated rebellion and more (including a very young Sting as a problem child) as we watch the central character lose himself the harder he searches for something more. Pay close attention, youngin’s: the ending is whatever you decide.

Raisin In The Sun - Directed by Daniel Petrie

With the success of adaptation of August Wilson's Fences from stage to film, many are looking back to hidden treasures of yesteryears. "Raisin in the Sun." I will make this easy for you. This is the only filmed version of Lorraine Hansberry’s classic worth your time. K? K. Old School storytelling with timeless intensity by a remarkable cast. Sidney Poitier is just ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!

The Ten Faces of Sonny Chiba - Starring Sonny Chiba

Blood-bucket, melodramatic, kick-ass Kung-Fu "B" material for the hardcore fans of the genre. Download this collection and just go CRAZY! See the major influence on Kill Bill and others as Sonny continuously puts his foot up the opposition’s dookie chute. Joseph Campbell eating Laffy/Taffy: Blissfully Bananas!

The Weather Man - Directed by Gore Verbinski

I am addicted to this movie. I hate when people say, "This is for intellectuals," about a film. It bespeaks volumes of self-importance and arrogance. That said, this flick about a tv personality bouncing between a huge career opportunity and a private life spinning out out of control is to be viewed by people who don’t mind thinking during and after a movie. Enjoy. I always do.

Written Works
2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl - by Daniel Pinchbeck

Obviously, the world did not end. Those who are constantly elevating their consciousness could care less. If you are looking for "the answers," go no further. There aren’t any answers. That’s the key, peeps. If you cannot grasp the idea of connected philosophies, one consciousness, and challenging theory extracted from centuries of related rituals, then leave this book alone. It links all of the questions to help solidify the ambiguity of our existence. Amazing food for...

Apocolypse 2012 - by Lawrence E. Joseph

Using the Cosmos, the "signs," and religious texts, Joseph examines new age prophecy with steady wit and gravity. Another gem to enrage the fanatics, put-off the skeptics, stupify the uncertain, and engage the truly enlightened. By the way - based on the theory of the great "Monk Mistake" to our calender, 2008 IS 2012. So it happened nine years ago and we are clueless zombies or - welcome to the next level!

The Invisible Landscape - by Terrence & Dennis McKenna

Whoa! A young truth-seeker and friend brought up the McKennas within the last decade and made me get reaquainted with this classic. Terry and D explore the many roads to conscious expansion, I Ching, and some really old time religion to initiate our next phase of the cycle. Shamanamana, Suckas! Absolutely, unequivocally, off-the-smoke-pit BA-NA-NAS!

King Hedley II - by August Wilson

Looking to get into more August Wilson? Not all of his plays are layman friendly (enjoyable like a novel to those who are not actors in a process developing one of his complex characters). Someone once told me that this 8th play in Mr. Wilson's 10-play cycle just gets better with time. I disagree. It is we who evolve and come to understand more of its profundity each time we open the pages or experience a fine production.

The Lorax - by Dr. Seuss

Published in 1971 (the same year that Marvin Gaye’s "What’s Goin’ On?" was released with the hit single, "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)"), the all-time flow master pleas with mankind in this brilliantly tickling and heart wrenching story about The Lorax, a small creature, the John the baptist of the forest, and his unwavering conviction while chastising and battling heavy industry's damage to the environment. It is a beautiful story that seems to be told in vain. "Unless..."

Miles Davis: The Definitive Biography - by Ian Carr

The only Miles biography you need to read.

The World's Religions - by Huston Smith

The Pope of perennial philosophers delivers a thorough investigation/revelation  of the core elements of our world’s most dominant faiths.

Anthology: Through the Years - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

This is an exceptional combination of greatest hits from the group and from Petty’s solo career. "Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around," "Breakdown," and "Refugee," are some of my all time favorites. There is no group more solid and more consistent through the years. The Chaquita Lottery, son: Bananas Forever!

Bitches Brew - Miles Davis

Few albums have truly changed an entire genre. Bitches Brew did it; and, it changed the entire way we think about the genre. BB looms eternally large over the last forty years of jazz. Sunlight-sawing horn riffs, vampiric rhythms, and infectious arrangements combine for a concoction that will have you spellbound.

Forever Changes - Love

Grade A compilation. This third release by the "under the radar" Los Angeles pioneers of psychedelic music and operatic rock jams, hypnotizes, haunts, and heals. "I think that people are the greatest fun..."

God's Son - Nas

Wow. I mean, dawg! WOW! Nephew is killin’ it on this album! "Book of Rhymes" is ITCHY, kids! Nassir Jones gives the finger to Jay-Z, and keeps the heads bangin’ on this thumbs-up, flow burner, slamming a fist on the pulse of the listeners. "Where them gangstas at? Where them dimes at? They shootin’! Awh, made you look!" Three words: BA - NA - NAS!

Meditations - John Coltrane

What an appropriate title. No tranquil sea breeze and cheeky bird chirps here. Only the truly zen "free jazz" fan can understand why this relentlessy charged, confrontational, and soul-shaking cacophony could have no other title. "Compassion" = Crucial. This is Grape Ape’s grocery list: just bananas!

Rock Swings - Paul Anka

This work in which a legendary big band icon covers classics of clubhouse pop, mainstream punk, and heavy metal has all the makings of a disastrous joke. What makes this phenomenal effort smoke is the love and care given to these songs that belong in the great American song canon. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Everybody Hurts," "Lovecats," "Tears In Heaven," "Black Hole Sun," etc. - all well-thought-out arrangements. You’ll be hooked. I promise.

This Is A Long Drive... - Modest Mouse

This "debut" ablum (full title: This Is A Long Drive For Someone Who Has Nothing To ThinkAbout ) is a retro-progressive, buzz-fi masterpiece. Distancing itself from its contemporaries in sound and lyricism, MM makes you rethink the phrase "rock and roll." Refreshingly earnest exploration. My favorite: "Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset."


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