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Each month, as determined by the span of days for each sign of the zodiac, this site will display recommended films, written works, and albums:
Libra choices - 2018
Essential Killing - Directed by Jerzy Skolimowski

Hellz Yeah. This metaphysical thriller that touches on terrorism, waterboarding, and more importantly stars the enigmatic Vincent Gallo, is a GRADE A thriller. Get it - nice and KuhRISPY!!!

How I Ended This Summer - Directed by Alexei Popogrebsky

This gripping two-man drama is sooooooooo KRISPY and picturesque the entire film! Who knew you could get such intrigue and mercurial acting in a story focused on a fisherman and a temp! Check it out. Outstanding.

Kidnapped: The Complete Series - Created by Jason Smilovic

The sign of a tight thriller is that it gets to each highly dramatic plot point without stalling and then there is still so much more drama coming. This show is it, kids! Family drama, crime series, whodunnit, etc. all wrapped in one. Wealthy family's teenager is kidnapped. They hire a free lance investigator. The FBI intercepts the case anyhow. And it is all so much bigger than we can imagine. They dipped this in Charlie Sheen's cornmeal batter: Crazy Krispy!

Pinero - Directed by Leon Ichaso

Benjamin Bratt is absolutely brilliant in this biopic covering the ex-convict turned playwright who becomes one of the most important voices in urban poetry. Crucial.

Psycho - Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

If I have to sit through another regional theatre performance where an actor portraying a supposedly creepy, villainous character keeps beating me over the head the entire night with over-the-top, meniachal laughter, weird and irrelivant mugging, and pseudo-psychotic glares, I am going to scream as if I am Janet Leigh in the shower scene. Watch Tony perkins deliver one of the all time horror movie performances by trusting the filmmaker's ability to surround  sincere acting with the information that creeps us.

Talk to Me - Directed by Kasi Lemmons

Individuals that cut against the grain in the world of media and entertainment must see this biopic. The reason the rest of you WANT to see it: Chiwetel Ejiofor and the always brilliant Don Cheadle.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Directed by David Fincher

I love foreign films and when an American remake is not up to par, I am always honest to admit it. So, for those who think this Fincher film doesn't quite hold up to the Swedish original, I say: WRONG! Smoother and Slicker does not always mean inferior, my dear contrarians. This action-thriller ROCKS x n.

Written Works
Black Cool... - Ed. by R. Walker & Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Never judge a book by its cover, but always take the cover as a warning. The multi-layered hipness of the black aesthetic is given a variety of flips in the collection of aritcles, essays, and more edited by the dean of black culture, Mr. Gates and Ms. Alice's daughter, the emerging Rebecca. Crucial.

Clawing at the Limits of Cool - by S. Washington & F.J. Griffin

One of the most important collaborations in music is dissected, analyzed, and celebrated in this great read for those of us who feed on the domino effect of genius. The massive brains of Miles Davis and John Coltrane were way too much for personality, style, or any other type of clash. They simply made music and the rest took care of itself. What a lesson.

Killing Johnny Fry - by Walter Mosley

This sexistential novel is the consummate kindle-nook food. If you like a jet-setter read that still packs a punch, take in this one. When Cordell Carmell walks in on his common law wife going at it hot and heavy with another man, it sets him down a road that he never could have imagined. To spin a phrase from Michelle Obama, stressful times and moments only reveal who we are.

Portrait of a Young Man Drowning - by Charles Perry

When I dove into the Old School book series years ago, this one was my biggest surprise. Wow. Accessible yet poetic and disturbing. Simply one of the most engrossing reads ever. We follow Harold's incidental descend into the underworld and like him, we just cannot turn away. OMG x n. Like my ankles before lotion: Alarming, black, and extra-KRISPY!

Somebody Blew Up America... - Amiri Baraka

Dissent is really healthy in this country, no matter who is in leadership. There - I said it. Who better to turn to than the posterchild of dissent, #2 on my list of favorite writers (after Artaud), the egnimatic "Poppa" Baraka. You will be angry. You will hate. You will love. You will ponder all day long. Like any top notch Baraka, you will be forced to be real and you will be better because of it. True poetry. Jesus laid a hand on this burnt toast: eternally krispy.

The Carrier of Ladders - by M. S. Merwin

The fact that this brilliant writer can be the poet laureate of this country is very comforting. How perfect it is that he was born in New York City in the 1920s and now he's peacefully living in Maui in his white wizard years? Pick up this ladder, chil'ren and start taking steps toward a higher consciousness. Just - just, just - damn.

The Complete Collection - by H.P. Lovecraft

Okay. The fact that I am looking past his implicit and explicit racism bespeaks volumes about the wrting talents of the man I still consider the master of horror. HP has a masterful ability to confront mankind's belief systems with cosmicism, a philosophy he developed that questions the lack of divinity. He absolutely understands the mind of humans. And, whoa, can he manipulate what he understands. Terror-riffic!

Almost Famous - Living Legends

If you still question the artistry, validity, or genius in hip-hop, then - well, that's your issue. Hip-hop is older than the Kardashians and not quite as scandalous. Look beyond the compartmentalized surface and you'll see the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the superficial and the deep, the lame and the brilliant - like any genre of music. If you care to go deeper, you'll find a submarine on a journey like no other. Inside will be the Living Legends.

Bravebird - Amel Larrieux

Amel's vocals are CRAY-CRAY!!! The hip-hop Minnie Rippleton is all over the map and scales while consistently interpreting sound and fun lyricism. This pivotal indie release still rocks today. For Real.

Forever For Always For Love - Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross Dammit! I think it says the world about the voice of Luther Vandross to those who really know music and recognize that his brilliant song, rhythm, and background vocal arrangements are overshadowed by his ability to be a jedi level song interpreter. All the incredible vocal range, seemless dexterity, incomparible timbre, and more never keeps "Luffa" from simply selling the lyrics of the song. Especially on this album. Holy Smokes and Feta!

Largo - Brad Mehldau

Caution: Genius at work. Son! Clashing genres, asiatic scales, complex rhythms, simple themes, and all sometimes in a matter of bars. What he does with "Free Willy" is just blissfully CRIMINAL! The Tea Party must've deep fried this one: Stupid Krispy!

Native New Yorker - Odyssey

You should listen to this album in its entirety. You should listen to this album on vinyl. "You should know the score by now. You're..." and that's the weakest link on this cult classic. Put this one on and you'll create the party.

R O Y A L T Y - Childish Gambino

"ranney. You know what, dawg? I'm surprised, as much as you love mixed tapes, that you've never recommended any on your website." Damn. Well, here we go, Doc. He brings together Myke Murda, Skywlkr, and Beck on one compilation! His blends are allergic to kryptonite, 'cuz they're SUPER-KRYSPY! He is just - DAMN! You know him as Troy Barnes on the tv show, Community, but we know him as Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino! yesZIR!

Underground Vibes - DJ Cam

This fench dj changed the game if you ask me. This is why a lounge is still relevant. You could fall in love, discuss revolution, explain Voltaire, sip macchiotos, and enhance your chi and ste all while these compositions make it all even better! Holy Smokes and GOUDA!


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