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"ranney" TOUR

Transcendental humor and explicit intangibles, brewing a unique and authentic comedy experience. Basically, "ranney" will be making people laugh while inviting them into that hard head of his - allowing everyone to see his unique way of taking in the world in which we all live.


Steve Bennet of United Kingdom's Comedy Chortle says,

"The way he uses language is unequally matched...he passionately sets out his own view of the world, simultaneously apocalyptic and uplifting. Its complex, dizzying, and cathartic, a universal theory attempting to make sense of all that's going on in the world."


"ranney"s revelation of the hidden treasures and absurdities of life matches our revelation about, "the Illuminatus of Comedy." "ranney" roasts and toasts the world of comedy in his latest one man jam. Now see Mr. FunnyBlackMan's versatility and electricity more than ever before.

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