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May 2017 - August 2017

"ranney" is heading to the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  August 2 - 28.

He will be solidifying his return to full time stand-up comedian with an evening entitled Glossolalia: "ranney" is Speaking in Tongues.



Edinburgh Festival Fringe ( is the world's largest annual performing arts festival – throughout  August – with over 3000 shows from close to 50 countries in 300 plus venues. Mr. FunnyBlackMan was recently offered a slot and this will be his third trip to this mecca for stand-up comics. "ranney"s first Edinburgh Fringe experience was with the smash fringe hit show Bomb-itty of Errors: the quintet that won the Stage Award for excellence and, accordingly took the show to London’s West End, the following year. HIs second trip was with a solo show entitled Cufflinks and Jolly Ranchers for Dummies: A mixture of humor, poetry, and rhetoric, that kept his comedy chops engaged and set him on the path to a more metaphysical platform. And now the Illuminatus of Comedy is ready to take Glossolalia, an evening of pure stand-up, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It is the appropriate finish line to cross before completing his return back to being a full time comedian.
The EdFringe has been a game changer for many a household name across the globe. 
"ranney" will be performing Glossolalia nightly at the C venues “… home of the biggest theatre and new writing programme at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe… encompassing drama, musicals, music, dance, comedy, cabaret, circus and visual and performance art…with over 200 events taking...”

January  - April 2017

Mr. FunnyBlack is putting the final touches on his set for the 2017 Tour. It promises to be a Crunchy time, so stay tuned for announcements.

"ranney" is also working on several one man shows, including tributes to two of his all time heroes.

All other energy and time is being channeled into a variety of writing projects.

November 2016

This has been a brutal and intense election year. After the votes are in and we have a new commander in chief, detox and celebrate it being over with Mr. FunnyBlackMan. "ranney" will be at Studio@620 in St. Pete Florida, November 10 at 7:30 for an evening of stand-up comedy. One Night Only!

October 2016

Third year in a row! This time "r" was named Outstanding Lead Actor in a play by the Tampa Bay Theatre Alliance for his portrayal of Doub in the American Stage Theatre Company's production of Jitney.

The Theatre Tampa Bay Alliance annually awards theatrical productions from the Tampa Bay area which include top professionals from the national and international theatre scene.

                                                            "ranney" as DOUB

July - September 2016

Uh-oh, Chil'ren! Lots of work going on to bring you some really exciting news for 2017. Tune in this fall (around October to November) for more.

April - June 2016 

"ranney" is back in "the writing room" working on several writing projects. Patience Chil'ren! The bread is almost done.

"Mr. FunnyBlackMan" is also in the final shaping of his latest one man jam: A Laugh Surpreme.



The "r" recently enjoyed a run as Doub in American Stage Company's production of August Wilson's Jitney. An exceptional cast, directed by L. Peter Callender, was received very well. Thank you Tampa Bay!

                                        Satchel Andre (L) as Youngblood and "r" as Doub.




The "r" is ecstatic to accept the 2015 Theatre Tampa Bay Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a play for his portrayal of Sterling in the American Stage production of Radio Golf. The Theatre Tampa Bay Alliance annually awards theatrical productions from the Tampa Bay area which include top professionals from the national and international theatre scene.

This stellar cast, directed by Mark Clayton Southers, included the legendary Anthony Chisolm portraying the role of Old Joe - the character he originated on Broadway.                                                                    

Anthony Chisolm (L) as Old Joe with "ranney" as Sterling





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